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Principal's Message

Aloha and welcome to Leihoku Elementary School!

"Leihoku," which means "Lei of Stars," is an appropriate name, reflecting the values, character, and spirit of all those who enter our wonderful campus. We have outstanding students, families, and staff (our STARS!) held together with a common purpose (like the string of a lei) of insuring that each of our students develop and grow into life long learners, thinkers, and contributors. The focus of our efforts is to ensure that high student achievement is obtained through meaningful and purposeful instruction that is rigorous and relevant, and can be applied to real life learning opportunities. Thus, Leihoku's mission and vision of "Every Child, Every Time" symbolizes the commitment and dedication to the successful growth of every child, and the promise of service to every family. This is achieved by an enthusiastic and highly effective staff that is devoted to the success of our students in and out of school, and well beyond their formative years at Leihoku. Thus, Leihoku is truly a "Lei of Starts" . . . special people . . in a special place.

Please join our Leihoku Ohana, and may we serve you with the utmost care and dedication! Aloha!
Randall Miura, Principal