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Mission & Vision

Leihoku Elementary School’s Mission and Vision is “Every Child, Every Time.” This statement symbolically encapsulates our philosophy of taking care of EVERY child, in EVERY situation; academically, socially, and developmentally. This beliefs system extends itself to our families, our community, and the entire staff of Leihoku. It is a belief that once you are a member of the Leihoku ‘ohana (family), you are part of a special fraternity that cares and nurtures 24/7, on and off campus, from womb to tomb. Embedded in this belief is a passion and drive to establish high expectations and deliver a committed “system of support,” that ensures success for all. Students are not only provided a rich curriculum that stimulates thinking and learning, but they are exploratory learning opportunities for real life applications. These academic structures deliver powerful instructional practices that are supported by collaborative planning, coaching, and professional development. A “system of support” is committed to ensuring highly effective and passionate educators that can deliver effective instruction and rich learning opportunities to ensure that all students can dream, achieve, and become stewards of our next generation.